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As promised, I have a great How to Write a How to Article:

Break out your notebooks guys!

How to articles are making a big buzz. They are very simple to write and I want to give you a quickie tutorial.

Rate your article on the level of difficulty (easy, moderately easy, etc.)

Think about your title. We will do an example (silly of course): How to Ride a Purple Monkey
First you will need to write an overview for your article. It should give the reader an idea of what they will learn.

Riding a Purple Monkey can be difficult. Learn to ride a Purple Monkey in 3 easy steps.

Once you are done with your overview, its time that you start getting busy with your steps. Each step will begin with a verb. Elaborate, but only give a brief elaboration on your step because you can make as many steps as you need.
1. Place a saddle on your monkey. Saddles come in various sizes and colors. You will want to make sure that your saddle fits the monkey comfortably.

2. Tie the saddle tightly. Monkey are wiggly creatures and will run away if you don't tie your saddle properly.

3. Hop onto your monkey quickly. The monkey will want to escape so please hop quickly.

Now that you are done with your steps, you will want to think of any warnings you want to include or tips. If you do not have any, that's fine.
Its best to use a purple monkey you know.
Monkeys bite!

Lastly, its always good to have really good links as a reference. Instead of giving an example of links, I will give you some GREAT links to help you get started and all the advantages of working for

**Before I forget, eHow allows pictures but make sure that you have rights to those pictures, you do not want the legal fallout.***
Demand Studios
Now how to get some more tips and jobs:
Tatoo Articles
Managing Editor
***Special thanks

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