Conficker Virus and Work at Home Leads  

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I wanted to take tonight to warn everyone about a virus that is actually scheduled to crawl the web looking for vulnerable systems to attack. The name of this virus is the Conficker Virus.

We must make sure that we are doing everything we can to protect ourselves from this virus. Conficker blocks infected PCs from accessing the antivirus vendors' and Microsoft's web sites. Those unfortunate enough to experience the Conficker won't get automatic updates and can't download the Conficker removal tools that vendors like Microsoft have developed.

Those who do not get regular updates on their computers are vulnerable to this virus. Those with versions of Microsoft that are not legitimate or pirated version are very susceptible to the Conficker virus because they do NOT get regular updates of Microsoft and more than likely do not have the updated patches to tackle this virus. Luckily there are sites looking to fight this virus head on and are providing tools to help you. Symantec is one of them and the tool can be found here

If you find that your computer is infected, have a friend download the tool and email it to you. Questionable sites will not keep you safe. This virus is tricky and can attack anywhere. If your computer is blocked from accessing certain security sites, then you may be infected.

For more information: ... _worm#risk
and update regularly!

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