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I always share tips on the best way to get a job working at home, how to market your blog, how to blog and generate natural traffic, etc. Today I am going to help you monetize your blog by sponsored posts.

"Now a word from our sponsors..." My how have we grown from those 6 little words. Remember when you were warned that sponsors were about to deliver their mind blowing opportunity or product. Those days are completely over. Now we have what we call sponsored posts.

Sponsored posts are a bit more subtle than an all out advertisement. With sponsored posts, you can pick and choose what products you want to discuss. This helps you avoid feeling forced to promote a product you do not agree. It also helps to pick products or issues that peak the interest of you, as a blogger, and your readers as well.

There are several sites that will allow you to do such a thing:
Please feel free to ad to the list. Bloggers will love this for their websites. What a way to market!

Humorous Writer
Fashion Writer
Flash Developer
Digital Editor
Relationship Blogger
LimeLife Hiring Several Bloggers
Car Enthusiast
SL Reviewers

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