How to Use a Coupon  

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To help celebrate our Savvy Savings Side, I am giving a mini 101 on couponing. Lets begin. I went to the drugstore today to get some meds for my son and on the way out I noticed some ladies having a garage sale. At the garage sale she had brownie mix, Garnier Fructis, glucose monitors, the list went on and on. I just HAD to ask if she was a couponer. Well she told me she never leaves home without her binder! Turns out, she is a stockpiler like myself!

I said all this to say that I want you guys to see how she and I get the great deals. Let's take a random ad for example. I am not sure what stores are in your area but I live near a Kroger, Tom Thumb, Albertsons, Target, Walmart and a few other smaller chains.

Now that we have established what's near me, you should establish whats near you. Find out what stores you frequent and what they have on sale. This is easy. Just grab the store ad. This is the beginning of matching up coupons.

I am going to take something from my Albertsons and show you an example.

Kraft Barbecue Sauce $.99

If you have never done couponing then you might not have your own coupon so I will show you how to try this out without having to go and find a coupon in the paper.

There is a peelie on the Kraft Barbecue Sauce. A peelie is a peel off sticker on the item you want to purchase. This particular peelie says $.35 off. At my Albertsons they will triple any coupons up to $.39 and double any coupon up to $.50. This means our $.35 coupon just went from $.35 to $1.05 making our barbecue sauce free and we made 6 extra cents come off our grocery bill!

This is a good deal and we live for deals like this but they aren't always this great. That is why I keep binders full of coupons. I have mine separated into one binder for food and one for domestics. Inside each binder its separated by dividers. I have dividers for bread, meat, dairy, drinks, etc. It sounds like a lot of work but I bought really great binders over at the Work At Home Mafia and they came with the dividers and baseball card sleeves to hold the coupons. Now I can just flip to the designated area and grab the coupon on want when I see things on sale or on clearance. It makes matching up much easier.
I will post pictures if anyone is interested.

Let's match up one more coupon just for fun. This one will not be a freebie but will show you more about saving.
Kraft Salad Dressing is on sale for $1.69 at Kroger. There is a coupon for $1.50 off this item. You pay 19 cents for your salad dressing! How is that for savings. Just imagine how all those couponers are laughing at you when you pay full price. Think about that the next time you get in line and groan behind a couponer!

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