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It is time for the unveiling of Savvy Savings Central! Check us out on Twitter and here at Taking It Home w/T.Rochelle. Don't worry, job listings will still be here. I just want to let you guys in on some of the deals and savings that are out there.

I am sure that you are all a buzz about the FREE lunch on Oprah. If you are not, then you will love Savvy Savings Central. At Savvy Savings, you will learn about deals and discounts as soon as possible. Our objective is to save ourselves money so of course we want to save you money.

You can follow us on Twitter to hear about deals in real time. You can also follow T.Rochelle on Savvy Savings' favorite message board for deals, coupons, and rebates. You might notice that on the right of the site, there is a coupon generator. We have come up with all kinds of ways to help you save money while you make money!

You can reach the message board by clicking the permanent link above that reads Savvy Savings Central. This is a subsidiary of the Work at Home Mafia and gives you complete access to job leads and assistance. Oh yes, and its FREE!

Look for deals daily, here , Twitter at Savvy Savings Central!

Speedstick is on clearance for 99 cents, Garnier Fructise 99 cents, Gillette shampoo 1.59 buy one get one free with coupon, Peter Pan 80 cents, Lipton 70 cents, Sure 1.99 so i paid 50 with coupon. bounty 72 cents and of course a coupon ...all at Walgreens! (Picture above)

Free Chicken on Oprah!

PANERA BREAD - Free Samples Day - Sandwiches, Bakery, Beverages - May 07, 2009 - USA Only

Country Bob's

Arby's Fruit Tea

Refund Cents FREE Access:
May 7 - 8 will be:
Username: clipping
password: coupons

Mini Roll Toilet Paper

Kelloggs Today is the day to buy Kelloggs cereal at Albertsons. A lot of it is 50% off - Smart Start, Special K, Frosted Flakes, Corn Pops, Apple Jacks, Froot Loops (check your ad, Albertsons varies by region). Use the $1 coupons*. The 2 free movie tickets wyb 10 runs through today.

Clean and Clear

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