Coupon Giveaway Begins  

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I woke up this morning to a cool A/C, a loud television, and the ability to make breakfast. If you do not know about the recent developments in Texas, there was a nice flood. This equates to NO electricity. I think we handled it well. We loaded the cooler with drinks and closed up the fridge and all the freezers. It did get me to thinking, I am really blessed.

Its time to pass some blessings on to someone else. If you are a coupon collector, there are quite a few perks in the works for you. T.Rochelle and the Schmooze will be giving away coupon packs. This is nothing like the WELCOME packet. These packets will include 20 or more of one type of coupon. This may be 20 Gillette razor coupons and 20 Gillette shampoo coupons or it could be 20 or more of any kind of coupon. These giveaways are for very serious coupon clippers. You need to be a serious stockpiler to participate in this giveaway or at least a beginner.

Check back frequently for your chance to win!

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