Off to See the Inserts, The Wonderful Inserts of Couponing!  

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I have been sitting here trying to recoup from a wonderful road trip. I did not do a LOT of shopping but I did see a lot of strange stuff and I got to chat with a lot of wonderful people. I was able to take advantage of the Gillette deal at CVS. I went in with $4 worth of Register Rewards and my trusty coupon for $4 off. I got a Gillette powered razor w/battery for FREE! After I semi-paid and got my receipt, I noticed that I had a $4 ECB on the lower portion of my receipt. Yes I DID go back into the store and purchase another one with a fresh coupon and my ECB. I was quite happy. This was enough for me today. I am saving my strength for next week!

Oh the road trip, it was an adventure to go and get more and more coupon inserts. You can never have too many inserts. I could not wait until I got my hands on them. Tune in tomorrow, when I am not exhausted and I will show you how well I did.

Before I go, I want to alert you of a few things going on in the Coupon World:
Tomorrow, there will be an email circulating from Walgreens giving you $5 off a $25 purchase. Make sure you do NOT delete!

Another tip going around thanks to the wonderful people at Couponing 101, is in regards to the Old Navy Weekly website and how to win the coupons:

Coupon Hints:

$75/$100 (gone) - Put the flaming marshmallow on the fishing hook. When you see the fish appear in the water, click the fishing pole to catch it. Then click on the fish.

$50/$100 (gone) - Watch for the fish to appear in the water then click the hook on the fishing pole to catch it. (If you already put the marshmallow on it, you will need to refresh the page to get rid of it.) Then click on the fish.

$20/$100 - Scratch (click mouse button, hold it down, and move it up and down fast) the s’mores picture on the t-shirt of the girl holding the marshmallow on a stick.

$15/$75 - Somewhere in the video! Just click all over it until the coupon pops up!

$5/$50 - Click on the pink flashlight in the hand of the little girl in the pink hoodie.

Good Luck to all!

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