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I figure this is a proper title for this particular post. By now, unless you have been MAJOR busy, you guys have heard about Harvard Scholar, Henry Louis Gates Jr. who was arrested for disorderly conduct. If you have not heard then I will give a brief (hopefully unbiased) recap.

Mr. Gates was attempting to unstick his stuck front door, when a concerned neighbor called the police and told them there was burglar breaking into the home of Mr. Gates. The police arrived and questioned Mr. Gates. Due to the fact that Mr. Gates yelled at the police officers when asking for their name and badge numbers, he was arrested.

When asked by a reporter, what he thought about the arrest of Mr. Gates, President Obama said the police reacted "stupidly". Now groups are forming everywhere demanding the President apologize. He did come forth and say that he spoke hastily but did NOT apologize.

Does he need to apologize? If so, what for? Should the President be punked by the police? I ask that question because people have been saying, they are the police, they carry the guns, you don't yell at them, you don't disrespect them. Are we giving them too much power? Are we saying that when they are wrong they are really right? Is there no wonder why so many people are wrongfully imprisoned and beaten to death by these upright and above the fray citizens?

I personally, do NOT think the President owes anyone an apology. I believe its great that someone decided to be honest. If George Bush had admitted that people suffered after Katrina because of economic status, then maybe I would have an ounce of respect for the man. I rather know where you stand than wonder where you lay. I agree with President Obama, not because he is black, not because he is our President, but because he is right. How many times have you seen people yelling and swearing at the cops, those people are never arrested. Instead, they are given a ticket and sent off to have dinner with their loved ones. Why was this man arrested? Is it racism? Were the cops on a power trip? Who knows? Either way, they behaved quite stupidly in my opinion. The man presented the necessary identification to prove that he lived at that address and because they could not arrest him for that reason, they created a new one. This is a misuse of authority, and these ignorant people want an apology. Do any of you know how many black people cower away for fear of being wrongfully accused of a crime?

Due to our economic situation in this country, I often talk about how to survive in '09. Something tells me that a stack of coupons will not help me this time. Not much has changed in America when people still rally together and defend such nonsense.

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