Paging Alice!  

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Do you guys remember the Brady Bunch? Who didn't want their own Alice? I grew up on reruns of the show and I wished Alice was there to do some of my chores. Now we can all have our own Alice. You have to be thinking, "In this economy? Girl you done lost yo mind?" Or something quite similar. I am going to show you how to get your own Alice.

Alice will not cook or clean and like Florence Johnston, she don't do windows. Alice does however, assist in managing your household items as well as helps you find bargains. Alice sends you alerts, informing you that you may need to purchase certain items in your home. Alice even gives you the opportunity to purchase these items online and have them shipped to your home.

Signing up for the service is easy. Alice is in its Beta stages. When signing up, Alice asks the sex and ages of the people living in your home. This allows Alice to personalize certain items to put into a list for you. If you do not purchase some of these items, feel free to remove them. You can also add your favorite brands to your list. Alice partners with many major brands, therefore you can purchase these items quite easily.

Alice will monitor how often you purchase the items on your list and notify you when its about time for you to make another purchase. If you run out sooner or later, you can adjust Alice to your pattern of use. Alice also applies coupons to your purchases when a coupon is available. Alice also keeps a budget for you so that you can monitor how much you spend on those items.

The makers of Alice are also working on adding a feature that allows people to network with other Alice users. Alice will also have a feature that will allow people to automatically ship items when Alice feels they are running low. Don't worry, shipping is always free with Alice!

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