Scheduling is Key  

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Who doesn't love a schedule? Sometimes they are tough to follow but when it comes to a schedule as reference, there is nothing better!

I was looking at my day of disarray and I got to thinking about how important it is to keep on schedule. When it comes to being frugal, a schedule is a must have. Many stores (department as well as grocery) have sales schedules or cycles. These cycles are very important when looking for the best deals.

For instance, this month was a great time to look for deals on things like ketchup, barbecue sauce, paper plates, etc. Along with looking for deals like these. You should also be on the lookout for great promotions on milk, turkey, candy, etc.

This is a great month for saving. Its an even better month for stocking up on items like the things listed above. This schedule just lets you know what coupons to look for and what deals to watch.
To find details on other months, click this link!

Another wonderful schedule is the coupon insert schedule. Its great to know what coupons will be in what paper and at what times. There are some holiday weekends that do not have coupon inserts. For me, its a waste to purchase my paper if there are no coupons inside. This may not ring true for others but at $3 a paper, I like the heads up.
Insert Schedule

If these schedules are not great enough, one of my favorite stores has a schedule you should watch out for on a weekly basis. I am a Tarjay lover! Yes Tarjay is Target!!! Target is a creature of habit and me being a creature of habit myself, I greatly appreciate this. I literally carry around their clearance schedule in my bag on a daily basis. If my kids were ever asked what they were wearing ....they would say Tarjay de Clearonse lol! Should you decide to carry the schedule as well, click here!

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