Simply Delicious Pillsbury Cookies  

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Can you say Perfect Peanut Butter Pleasantries? Pillsbury said it with their new Pillsbury cookies. You probably remember my initial post, Pssst, Got Cookies? I had just received my coupons from Psst and I was dying to brag.

I went to my local Albertsons and bought used my free coupon. When we got home, my girls were going nuts because they wanted to eat the cookies. I made them wait a little while, but then I couldn't take it anymore. I was very tired and I really wanted some peanut butter, so I let the girls make them. My oldest daughter is 11 and the youngest daughter is 10. They went into the kitchen and in true kid fashion, they grabbed a cookie sheet, threw the cookies on the sheet, tossed them in the oven, and ran to watch Disney Channel.

I must admit I was really worried. I figured I better go and check them out. I peeked through the oven door and saw they were not touching each other so I felt a lot better. My oldest daughter, the Royal Watch Watcher, jumped up and ran into the kitchen a few minutes later. All of the other children went running into the kitchen as if the oven called their name.

The cookies smelled wonderful. I was sitting there waiting anxiously for someone to bring "mommy" a cookie! They all emerged about 10 minutes later and no cookie for me. I sheepishly walked into the kitchen and found this:
The crumbs were delicious, so much so, I went back to the store and got myself some MORE Pillsbury Cookie dough and enjoyed the entire package. No, I did not share. No, I do not feel bad. No, I do not blame my children. Those cookies were gooooood!

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