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I post job posting here and on The Schmooze all of the time, but that's just work you can do at home. Don't worry, I will still post jobs. I just wanted to show you guys some of the other stuff I do, at home.

Yes, I eat Cheetohs. They are delicious. Oh yeah and I am a very very amateur cake decorator. I have tried a few different cakes but I am still a big amateur. Its soothing to my nerves, so I will just continue to decorate.

My skateboarders kept taking the boards off and breaking the cake. They had fun eating this one.

Just to prove that I am still having fun finding work at home for all you, here are today's listings on the FRONT PAGE, no need to visit the Schmooze today. Tomorrow, it will be business as usual!

Published Author
Data Entry
PHP/Javascript Freelancer
Digg Promotion Coordinator
Basketball Logger
New York Caligrapher
Motorcycle Writers
Phone Software Developer
American Kidney Services
Live Person
Ebay Auction Lister
Higher One
Marketing Writer
IT Blogger
Pet Fashion Blogger

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That is some great cake decorating you got going there. =)

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