Baking Therapy  

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I get these moments where I can't think straight. This has been a hectic and annoying day. I think its time for my own little therapy session. Well, I thought it was time for therapy. Let me explain my therapy session.

Therapy for me is baking. I love to bake. When I get stressed, the kids usually see a nice big cake, plate of cookies, pan of brownies or a nice loaf of banana bread. Just thinking it about is relaxing. All the relaxing thoughts quickly flew from my mind when I got ready to make a loaf of banana bread.

Picture this moment, I have my eggs, milk, flour, etc. etc. I reached for my very ripe bananas and could not find them anywhere. I looked in the cabinet then the freezer (don't ask). The bananas are no where to be found. The children were all looking at me as if mom had finally earned a trip to the funny farm. Finally, I asked if anyone knew where my bananas went and they all said the youngest threw them away.

Okay, I think I must have looked something like the birth child of Satan and Martha Stewart because he asked what I was doing with that spoon. I asked him why did he throw away my bananas and he confidently answered by saying, "They fell on the floor".

This child needs a job!

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