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I got that joy joy joy joy...down in my heart. Down in my heart TODAY! I am so excited. My mother called me today and told me the best news in the world. Kroger is going to have a sale. I know what you are thinking, don't they always. This sale is special because they are doubling coupons up to $1! I get my ad tomorrow. I am going to start my list in the morning!

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Oh Okay!!!!! This is my fav time of year! Kroger's double coupon up to $1.00. I used to live for it back in the day. You know I just discovered that Kroger was doubling coupons again. They had stopped doing it when the kroger plus cards came about. When things got tight for us I stopped going to Kroger all together. I started goiing to Aldi's. One day I noticed the double coupon sign on the window and I go there when I know I have a bunch of coupons. Which incidently I get monthly from Publisher's Clearing house.

This is a great deal. Now I have to go find some coupons to use. Doubling on $1? Too much!

BTW, my oven does have a convection setting. And I do love to bake but it is summertime in Atlanta, too hot for all of that right now!

@ Renee, Amen the heat in Texas is brutal as well as up and down. Baking is my therapy. I have to suffer through it lol.

@Both ladies I am so excited about this deal. I am going when the doors open and I am going to stay until its time for my son's football game. I don't want to miss anything if I can help it.

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