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My son plays football and I was noticing on Saturday that one of the parents looked VERY different than she looked last season. Now this lady is a walker. I, on the other hand, could do professional sitting. I watched her walk all last season. It was quite exhausting. I had to drink a LOT of water. She really made me tired. I knew she was walking to lose a few pounds but I really did not see a change.

This football season is totally different. I barely recognized this woman. She definitely lost more than a few inches. I just had to ask. I was terrified to find out what she did because I knew if it involved exercise, I couldn't do it. Don't look like that, I am allergic. Exercise makes me sweat. Anyhoo! The lady, LeMia, told me that she continues to walk but she threw in a secret weapon. Well if its a weapon against the bulge, of course I am all ears. She went on to tell me that she wears a Body Magic suit, daily. At first, I sat there wondering, what the heck. She must have noticed the puzzled look on my face because she showed me a brochure with the Body Magic suit in it and I was amazed. She told me how the suit helps hold you in and in turn helps you loose weight.

I sat there in awe. It made so much sense. She walked 2 miles everyday last season and I saw no change. Looking at her without wearing the suit, she was considerably smaller. Everyday I asked, "Are you wearing the suit?" I would always catch her right after she took it off to go walking. She told me she would walk in it one day so I could see the difference. I was blown away. I cannot believe the difference. I just knew I had to spread the word.

This is LeMia without the suit. Let me tell you, she lost a lot of weight!


This is LeMia wearing the suit. No your eyes are not deceiving you, your normal undergarments are!



Now the first thing I thought when I saw her was, "Lord why hast my drawlz forsaken me?" Then I got to thinking about all the women I see on television and around town. I wonder how many of them know about this. Is that why these people don't have rolls? I am sitting here looking like the Michelin Man's Suga Mama for no reason. I wanted more details. That's when I found out that LeMia was an Independent Distributor and she had been doing parties from Texas to Louisiana.

At the parties, they will put you in a suit and have you looking smooth and flawless. LeMia even looks for hosts (yes they have suits for men too) and hostesses to have parties at their homes. All you need to provide is the location and the guests, LeMia brings the rest. Its time we all start training our bodies in the way to grow or NOT to grow.

For your free party (and free party perks), check out her website and please come back and share your photos!

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That magic suit is no joke. I think I need a little magic in my life! LOl

Its amazing isn't it. I could use a lot of magic myself. I wonder if they make a Harry Potter or Bewitched version that would make me look fabulous. I need some other world magic lol!

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