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It has been a while since I discussed my infamous shopping trips and I think its beyond time. Let me tell you first, this is only beginning of the week. I will make many many more trips. This was just a quick trip to my local Walgreens. My Walgreens trip was amazing. I was so blown away by the service. I bought 4 loaves of bread ($.50 a piece), 2 bottles of Scope ($8-$5RR=$3), 1 bottle of Listerine ($2.99-$1 coupon=$2-$2RR-FREE so I sent the kids in for the other 2). 2 Glade soy candles + 1 brownie + 1 box of candle refills=$2-$1RR=$1, 1 bag of True North Almond Crisps, 1 pkg. Icebreakers, and 38 bars of Ghirardelli Duet chocolate bars $.65 a piece. The chocolate bars were $1.30 for 2 and in Walgreens were coupons for $1 off 2 bars. Yes, you read that correctly. I paid $.15 a bar so $5.70! I am so giddy! Everything I bought out of pocket was paid for by Register Rewards.

I felt so good that I stopped by the Albertsons I love to hate (instead of my favorite Albertsons) and tried to pull off their wonderful Quaker deal. In their ad they had 2 $3 off Quaker products coupons. I took that coupon and I bought 10 boxes of the Chewy Quaker granola bars. They are my cryptonite. They are on sale 5 for $8 and I used my $3 off coupon and 5 $.75 off the purchase of 2 coupons. I saved an additional $3.75 and paid $6.25 out of pocket. I wanted to share my new found math skills but they claimed to be out of Quaker Oatmeal Old Fashioned Oats! That's why they are NOT my favorite Albertsons but I will go to my favorite Albertsons later and make up for lost time!

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I LOOOOOOVE IT! You got some good granola bars, and chocolate. U are going to have to teach me I need a 1-on-1 class from you about saving, with register rewards and all this stuff that I have no idea about.

You know what, I just ran and got 10 boxes of Cap'n'Crunch for $1 a box and I got some more free stuff from Walgreens and they paid me $6 to do it!

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