Neiman Marcus and Christmas Are Calling  

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It's that time of year again. Its almost Christmas. We are watching Amazon for deals and hoping for a last minute clearance. Many of us are also hoping to get some extra work to be able to pay for many of the gifts we want to purchase for our loved ones. Well hope no more, its time! Every year around this time, certain companies start hiring.

One company that hires this time of year like clock work is Neiman Marcus. They pay $11 an hour and offer three weeks of on-site training. From that point, you can either continue to work in the facility or work from home. There are also other perks like sales incentives and great discounts on movie tickets, clothing, perfume, etc. Neiman Marcus is a really great place to work. My mother worked there when she was younger and actually made a sale to Aretha Franklin! You never know who is on the other end of the phone so smile when you speak. Believe it or not, you can hear a smile!

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