FTC On New Blogger Guidelines  

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Attention Bloggers, your day has arrived! Its official, the FTC is watching you! For some reason, Bloggers are not reporting their income and freebies for product reviews. This can give the reader the wrong impression.

Effective December 1st, Bloggers must divulge all connections to advertisers. Some companies have created their OWN blogs and are leading consumers to believe they are objective voices when they have an underlying agenda. Those days are over.

Another group being hard pressed are celebrities that endorse products. Celebrities must now reveal their connections with advertisers when endorsing a product on a blog, social network, or television talk show.

A fine of $11,000 will be assessed for those who choose not to comply with the rules. Unfortunately, the FTC will not be adding new staff to regulate this rule so the advertisers will be the main target for a while. Keep in mind that you can easily be reported to the FTC so its best to stay in sync with the law.

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