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I was chatting with a good friend of mine named Kim. Kim is the Community Manager, for a website called IMshopping. IMshopping is your personal shopping assistant. You simply register and ask shopping assistants to locate the items you desire. Within seconds, a notification is sent to your email letting you know that your question has been answered. Your answer not only includes where you can purchase the hard to find item you are looking for, but links to websites complete with pictures.

IMshopping not only provides customers with answers to their shopping dilemmas, they also provide you with a way to make money. Kim can describe it better than I can:

I just wanted to share about IMshopping where everyone can earn a little extra money prior to Christmas. Haven't heard of IMshopping? It's a free service site where you can have your shopping questions answered. Can't find the product that you are desperate to find? Just ask them a question and their Shopping Assistants will find you the best of the internet. It's free and fun. They are currently hiring for their Shopping Assistant position but did you know you can join their community and earn too? You can compete for tips and earn $2 per answer if you win the best answer. In addition, for everything you do on the site from joining to posting and answering you earn points. Those points will be converting to prizes soon! Just by doing your shopping research and just having a blast on the site you can earn cash or gift cards. It's free and fun to do. Just check it out at IMshopping and if you really shine you could join them as a Shopping Assistant too!

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