Party Time...Presidential Party Time!  

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Today we're gonna party like its 2009! I would say 1999 but Obama was not President in 1999 so how much fun would that be? I am thoroughly excited about the inauguration of Obama because I actually had something to do with this election. The fact that many of us voted for the first time this year is meaningful (whether you were for or against Obama). It means we cared enough to change something! It was the first time in a long time that this country was in a major aggreement. We all agreed that it was time for a change to come!

Now it's time to party! I just don't know what to cook first. I know I am going to make a butter cake with chocolate sour cream icing and light sweet pecan crumb coat. As far as the Inauguration dinner, well hmmm.... since the Obama's forgot to send me a complimentary all expense paid ticket complete with airfare and lodging....I guess I will have to make something myself. I am thinking that maybe we should have some chicken Diegos (named after my baby boy).

Diegos are stuffed with chicken that has been sauteed with bell peppers and onions and placed along side some pepperjack cheese and rolled in homemade Indian bread and deep fried in cooking oil. On the side, I will serve some homemade salsa, sour cream, refried beans, and enchilada rice!

As for drinks, I am not too big on alcohol so I think I will make some virgin mojitos using lime juice, mint and ground vanilla sugar (compliments of my mocallete), and ginger ale.

I think that will be it....what....that's enough. Oh didn't I mention the only folks that will attend the party is the people that reside here! Look Obama is President ....he ain't paying for the party! We still have to be frugal!

With that being said I wanted to announce the fact that I will now bring you freebies and discounts along with more cost saving ways to survive in this economy!

Oh yes and job leads too (of course)!
Onpoint is hiring of course (you would have known that days ago if you followed my leads everyday at VV)
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