Life's Lemons.....Lemon Cake  

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When life gives you lemons, make lemon cake! That's the way that saying goes right? Okay okay close enough. Life is giving me a nice bunch of lemonades right now and rather than plummet the idiots that have hurt me with the lemons, I think I will make a lemon cake.

Look its natural to want to seek revenge on employer when they have wronged you, but that's not the woman scorned way to handle it. When an employer disappoints you or fires you (no I was not fired) there is no reason to bash them or to hack into their website and .....well let's not go there. Since revenge is best served cold then take that anger and resentment and use it to get a BETTER job or to go into business for yourself. Who knows, your employer could have made the best mistake of your life. Their ignorance can be your inspiration.

GO get that new job (that pays more and makes your old job look like slave wages)
GO start that new business or teach that new class
Whatever you do, LIVE don't exist!

Here are a few companies that are actively hiring and they need you (to work from home of course):
and More where that came from!

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