Debbie Meyers Green Bag Review and Work at Home Leads  

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To take a little of the stress away from searching for work from home, I decided to add a product review segment, on Fridays. Guests can suggest products to be reviewed. There will also be reviews of restaurant menus, medication, toys, etc.

I will begin with a product that I find to be wonderful. Not every product will be favorable, but all reviews will be my honest and true opinion. Today's review is of Debbie Meyer's Green Bags. I haggled back and forth over whether or not to purchase these bags. On one hand, they could save me quite a bit of money by keeping my fruit and veggies fresh. On the other hand, I could be wasting my money on these worthless bags. I thought long and hard before I decided to go into a local store and purchase a box of my own. That was my first box.

I recently purchased another box of green bags, just in case I ran out. I always fear that a family member will come over and take one. Either that or, I will boast so much I end up feeling compelled to share with them. These bags are wonderful. I purchased some giant tomatoes 2 weeks ago and they still look as good as the day I bought them. They taste delicious and I have opened and closed the bag on several occasions. I also purchased soft tomatoes, as a bit of a hypothesis. I figured that soft tomatoes would surely mold and turn to mush. Not with the green bags! The tomatoes look exactly like the the firmer tomatoes.

I cannot say enough about these bags. This gets a huge thumbs up for me. I have estimated a savings of $18, thus far and the savings keeps growing. These bags work great with bananas, broccoli, carrots, peaches, you name it!
**Some future reviews will include personal photos when needed. Gotta replace that digital camera first. Feel free to visit our Amazon Store to purchase your own Debbie Meyer's Greenbags.**

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