How to Start a Business at Home and Work at Home to Boot!  

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In lieu of yesterday's post, I figured I would share some more tips on what you can sell to make money from home. There are so many options for things you can sell from home! You can sell Mary Kay or Avon. You could sell for Pampered Chef or become a Southern Living consultant.

Then there are people who want the joy of doing it on their own, the entrepreneur. If that is you then you might want to make candles, make your own preserves, jellies, jams, detergents, soaps, bath salt, fragrance oils (not really make but you will see), lotions, sweet treats, dog food, and in-scents or just plain anything! The possibilities are endless but sometimes so are some of the expenses. I say start small and just get your feet wet. Make some sample items and sale on sites like Craigslist and Ebay and of course, give away a few so that word of mouth catches on!

Have you noticed that if you put organic or natural on something then you can sell anything? People love that stuff! I am not saying lie because that would be wrong but if you were making your own jam or jelly, then don't be afraid to tell people its homemade or all natural. People love this stuff. They want to have that homemade feel without going through all the work! You can charge more than what is reasonable to you because of the love you put in your product!

People don't care that those expensive bath salts are just Epsom salt and a little body fragrance oil put into a nice little bag or bottle. Its cheap to make and very simple. I use to make candles and I still do it for myself. You can buy fragrance and wax along with wicks in bulk. Pour them into Mason jars and sell those suckers for 6-7 bucks a piece! I also learned that a higher grade wax lasts longer but the cheaper grade wax allows the fragrance to really soar even though it melts super duper fast.

If you want to sell lotion, you can make any fragrance imaginable including cologne and perfume scents. You buy the base and mix it ...then pour it into bottles to sell. One other thing that is just as easy to make that I see a lot in bazaars (and they sell great on college campuses) is the little roll on bottles filled with fragrance oils. You can buy Cool Water, Hugo Boss, Delicious, Kenneth Cole....whatever you like and pour it into the little bottles and sell them for $5 a piece or 3 for $12 or something like that. They actually sell quite well and they sell quickly when
you offer a "twofer" (yep made it up...but you know you say it too lol). In-scents are just as easy. You just let them soak in the oil and let them dry and sell sell sell. I don't like them myself but you can appeal to a whole new audience.

I no longer have a dog but I did find some cool recipes to make dog food! People, sometimes, love their dogs more than humans and its because where many of us see dogs they see family! They want to take care of their families just like you want to take care of yours and they only want the best! Your ALL NATURAL HOMEMADE GOURMET DOG FOOD will give them all the reassurance they need that they are doing the right thing for their doggies!

If you need to buy fragrance oils and supplies for candle making, lotions, in-scents, etc., check out Wellington. They even have tips and ideas, if you are interested!

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Isn't that the truth about items being labeled "natural/organic"? Many people are willing to pay so much more for items that they perceive as being natural or healthier.

I'm sure there quite a few "organic" niche markets waiting to be tapped into.

Its like they say, we eat with our eyes... to bad we snacking on labels (lol). I say, if I paid for the entire amount, give it to me. No low fat for T.Rochelle lol!

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