Save, Barter, Trade, or Hey...Work at Home  

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Remember how our grandparents' grandparents' grandparents' use to survive? I am sure you don't since you were not around then but I think you get the point. Our ancestors survived off so much less and seemed to do so much more!

I know I know...different economy different situations........ but the goal is pretty much the same! We all want to take care of our families and pay our bills. We can do this without being slaves to our failing economy.


We buy bread, but did you know that you can make your own bread for (well for me because I am a cheap bargain hunter that buys in bulk) $0.20 a loaf! Now prices will vary depending on where you buy your ingredients but the the ingredients are really basic. I bought a bread machine on Craigslist and with bread, cinnamon rolls, pizza dough, and biscuit dough, I made my money back a looooooooooong time ago!

How about making your own jelly? Jelly is not cheap but you could make your own jelly and save big! Now this site has pictures but if you are too busy for all that grape mashing and cheese can go the cheater cheater pumpkin eater route like i do and buy 100% Grape Juice (or whatever juice you prefer apple, etc.) and make your jelly that way! This is another wonderful site with pictures.
Now for those who want the recipe without the grapes (pictures included), I highly suggest taking notes.

Okay, enough about jelly...what else can you do yourself that does not depend on the modern market? Maybe make Peanut Butter? Lets face it...everyone does not like that stuff when its all natural but its very expensive in the store and it makes super duper peanut butter cookies! If you don't believe me, make a batch with Jif (since they are on the safe list right now) and a batch with the homemade stuff. I guarantee the natural batch is best.

Enough of all that cooking...let's talk barter and trade! Yes I am too excited about all this...but pay attention! You could start a garden and trade your tomatoes for your neighbor's pear peppers! You could trade your homemade jelly for their spiced up honey peanut butter! We are quick to throw money at things nowadays...whether it be a problem, something we want, our children, or even something as serious as our health (trust me people can be foolish)! Let's not throw money out the door when we can just utilize those around us.

What does this have to do with working at home? EVERYTHING! We do all of this talking in blogs, but we do not use the same thought in everyday life! We network, utilize each other for info on new scams and job leads, help each other with recipes, and tips for organization, and we share our thoughts, and business ideas but how about sharing our natural abilities with those we love. This helped our ancestors and although it looks a little different its still the same. We can do the same thing now and not just online but out in the world as well.

Still wondering how this ties into working at home? Easy! Don't overload your calendar with working and you can take that free time and make and barter things that will save and make you money. Clear as mud? We are talking business here people. When you make jelly, you might make 8 jars and out of those 8 jars you could keep 2 and the rest could be bartered for something you need or even sold to make more money! Get paid doing something you always do...that's the theme for the day. Make 5 gallons of detergent and sell them in pickle jars for $3 a piece depending on the size of the jars! It doesn't cost much to make it and you will be doing something you need to do for yourself anyway! Its a win win situation and you can make money without the stress of deadlines. People say its a bad time to start your own business but that truly depends on the kind of business it is! We could all use a way to save some money so take your money saving tips and turn them into savings for others and cash in your pocket! You do not have to call it a business right now, just make something and get the ball rolling .....the money will soon follow!

Peanut Butter

Jump start your own economy and take some of these tips to heart while you check out:

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I make my own bread, from flour I grind from wheat berries, and preserve fruit in the Spring and summer for use all year. Great tips! It certainly is the time to be resourceful!

You are so right Maria and if people just help other people, just a little, I think we will all survive this turbulent time.

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