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Making your website more search engine friendly can be done several ways. Keywords are very valuable (as I have stated before) and should be used in the title as well as in your blog and the site's URL. Lets say your blog is gonna be about life in Texas. Your url should have something to do with a keyword that you will use often in your blog. (just an example not meant to be a real site) This would make a wonderful URL because you WILL use the word Texas often. "Ice Storm Chills Texas Heat" (title) Discuss in the body of your blog, the ice storm and of course Texas and make ice storm and Texas keywords. This is a good use of keywords. You do not want to overuse your keywords but this will allow you to get good use of them. Next, have a user friendly blog. Avoid having a blog that is very busy and congested. This is a turnoff for readers. Nice clean simplicity and a natural look is a appealing.

Try and avoid the cute little graphics if at all possible (I know how you feel ....who doesn't like the little care bear gifs but avoid anyway).
Make sure your links work. You want credible links because the links are a reflection of your site. Do not give your viewers any reason to doubt your credibility. Also, make sure that you are able to present nice clean links that makes sense. "Read more about the ice storm at The Weather Channel" You want the hyperlink on the words ice storm and not on Weather Channel. You are bringing attention to YOUR content not necessarily the Weather Channel's website. Now you want to submit your blog link to directories and search engines. Click here for a list of sites.

You also want to link to as many blogs as you possibly can. The best way to do this is to find highly ranked blogs (that interest you of course ....yes this is a moral moment) and post comments to their blogs that in turn link back to your blog. They do this because when you comment you enter your blog url in the URL box. Last but not least, blog and blog frequently. Stay on topic and try not to fluctuate from topic. Also, DO NOT change your domain. You will loose a lot of traffic that way.

Now, Its time for what we are all searching for......WORK at HOME LEADS:

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