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Do you want the key to search engine optimization success? Search engine optimization is basically optimizing a website for search engines. (Remember the goal is to be ranked number 1 and the better the optimization the greater chance you have at being number 1).

Given that this is pretty much a prelude to SEO (very basic nothing too technical), you want to remember these key things:

1. Discover words and phrases that will generate traffic to your site.
2. Make your site search engine friendly
3. Market Market Market

At this point you are thinking back to all those leads you have seen posted for writers who specialize in SEO and you are telling yourself, hey they just want someone who can write search engine friendly content for websites. (If should have been lol)

I do not want to rush this discussion. Its a very confusing subject and I have every intention on taking it very slow. I want to revisit the topic of keywords. Not too much, I just want to share a couple of tools that might help in your keyword endeavors. One tool in particular is Wordtracker ( ). Wordtracker helps you by providing information on the trends of certain keywords.

Now this is just the beginning so dont worry about things that were not discussed now because it was purposeful. I want this information to marinate in your mind before we go any further.

Meanwhile, check out today's hot work at home leads.......

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In doing this kind of business.Quantity is better but Quality is best:) Thanks for the tips.Good Day:)

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