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When was the last time you went to Chili's? It had been a while for me so when I received my Buzz Agent pack telling me all about the Guiltless Menu, I figured why not. What is a Buzz Agent? A Buzz Agent is a person who helps to market via word of mouth. You join the Buzz Agent site and join campaigns for all kinds of products. Once you have joined the campaign you are sent a packet of informative material that tells you all about the product. You could also get a free sample of the product as well as ........COUPONS! Yes Buzz Agent supports us couponers. They support us so much that they recently sent me a few coupons to use at Chilis.

Since I am a Buzz Agent they sent enough coupons for me and 4 other friends. This coupon gets us something from the new Chili's Guiltless Menu. I will admit that I try to get healthy but um not so much so. I really do try but then I look on my shoulder and there sits a wonderful stick of butter. Well I decided I will knock the butter off my shoulder and go for it. I wanted to see what all the healthy folks were talking about.

I took my husband and two friends. The Guiltless Menu is still building itself up, but when I went I had the grilled chicken sandwich. I think it needs a little bit of honey mustard. I am going through butter withdrawal so what do I know. My husband had the honey mustard salmon. OMG if I hear about the perfectly cooked salmon and its flaky juicy texture and how it was cooked to more time.... my husband may be sleeping with the fishes! I love when my husband enjoys his food but he keeps going on and on. It did not help that our friends had the salmon and the carne asada steak. You can guess what my good friend felt about the salmon (drool drool drool). The report on the carne asada steak was great as well. Its so tender its not dry and boy would this be great with some garlic mashed potatoes. Yes we were all tempted to get guilty but after our meals we were all a bit full. No one asked for anything else. The food was great and I even kept an extra coupon so I can reward another friend with a trip out!

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