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Its Friday guys and its time for a product review. I have been working on a big project and I want to share a review from something I have been working on. I have been going to the dreaded Walgreens! I say dreaded because they have inconsistent policies on coupons and product limits when purchasing. Many of their employees (typically managers) have been accusing innocent people of coupon fraud and coupon photocopying. If you take in a coupon that is black and white then expect to get embarrassed. They yell, "Its a photocopy" and make you feel as small as an ant when you use an internet printed coupon. Then you have to remember that if you wanted to make a copy, you would make it in color. Its not like its not possible. It is illegal to photocopy coupons and I would never do such a thing, but I have been accused of this awful crime. I am telling Walgreens right now, do not play with my freedom!

With all that said, I want to end on a positive note by saying that you have to try Sambucol. I am currently using Sambucol Cold and Flu Relief and I am amazed. I was out shopping yesterday and I had the sorest throat humanly possible. I had nothing to drink but I did have a box of Sambucol I just bought at Walgreens. I took one tablet and placed it on my tongue to dissolve (per their instructions). You do not need water (good thing since I did not have any and I am too cheap to buy water when I know I have it at home). After about 15-20 minutes, I noticed a dramatic change in my throat. I felt so much better. I was able to shop some more and I even went to another Walgreens.

****If you are interested in trying Sambucol, Walgreens is selling it for $10.99-12.99 and the Walgreen's Easy Saver catalog has a coupon for $10 off! Yes $10! If you decide to try it, Sambucol has inserted a $3 coupon inside! This makes your next box free if you get in Walgreens before or by March 28th!!

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