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Yesterday, I posted about my coupon club, Frugal Folks. I am so excited about all of this that I do not know what to do. I ran into a wonderful site called A Full Cup. This is a forum that shares tips and ideas on how to SAVE SAVE SAVE. Now I will not lie to you, I signed up yesterday and I am still bouncing off the wall. I must admit that my mind was racing all night. I was getting upset that so many people were finding deals that I knew nothing about. Its not going to happen again.

I have made the decision (with the help of the The Coupon Goddess) to subscribe to Refund Cents! Refund Cents is a website that offers a compiled list of savings for the month. It tells you how to maximize your savings at all kinds of stores and according to the The Goddess, its easier to understand than my new found love, A Full Cup. By now, I am sure you have noticed that the link for A Full Cup leads you to a particular post. They are looking for people to help with viewing ads and finding deals. They offer incentives and this is something that you can do from home!

Well its done, I am officially a member of Refund Cents and I am amazed at what I am missing. I am actually going to stop blogging and go shopping for a second or two.

Okay, I went lol! I know the blink of an eye right. It delayed my blog posting but I think it was worth it. I saved $269.20 (I know I need to save in other ways.). I do plan on having a yard sale and hitting Craigslist ASAP!

Its much more dramatic in person. There are 72 necklaces, 6 nail kits, and 15 body wash sets!

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Great job!! Don't be frustrated by other people's finds because before you know it, you'll be teaching others how to do it too! Way to go! :)

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