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I am starting a coupon clipping, money saving club called "The Frugal Folks". This is a simple group of money savers that help each other out with specials from the newspaper and online coupons. This is an introduction from the VV forum:

"I am back on my coupon kick. . . . to stay! I am still considered a novice in many areas, but I have learned a lot along the way. With that being said, I am clearing out the old coupons and starting a new binder. The pros say this is best so I am going for it. I am also thinking very hard about investing in a grocery list. I want to save as much as I can so I am going to just focus on organization and monitoring the ads. Would any of you like to join the club with me? I say club but it does not have to be seen that way, I just want a few "frugal folks" so I don't feel so alone!

We could help each other find deals and post them here. This will help us catch every deal we can. We can compare coupons also. Some people sell them on Ebay but instead of selling, we could trade off site."
Work At Home Leads

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Your blog is very creative looking! You can tell that writing is your passion! Nice Job!

Thank you! I cannot wait for your blog update on tomorrow. I want to see the total Kraft and Nabisco set the bounty for on your head!

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