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I am sure that i have been sorely missed lately, but I am back to stay. I have been out shopping and getting all my coupon stuff together. I am also working on a list of podcast stuff to talk about for future segments and a brilliant new logo. Unfortunately, I had to drop a few projects here and there as well as complete a few. Now I should be on track. To help show my dedication and that I missed you all, here are a few great leads to keep you busy until tomorrow. Before you begin searching, lets talk about how to recognize our positive attributes to convey in a cover letter.

Let's talk about how to recognize positive attributes to convey in a cover letter. It sounds quite technical but we all have a positive attribute. We just need to know how to convey the message to the employer. The best place to convey this message is in a cover letter.

How? That is easy. I will give you some examples of your hidden attributes.

A person who has to schedule many events (kid's sport's practices and events etc.) would be a good scheduler or coordinator. You would need to be confident enough to put that information in your cover letter. You could put that you were extremely organized and possess excellent coordinating and scheduling skills. Its true. Our activities outside of the workforce are equally as relevant as our activities performed in the workforce. If you have volunteered, the tasks completed during volunteer work is resume worthy as well as cover letter worthy. Never leave experiences out of a cover letter.

If you worked in the fast food industry, then you have done customer service. Albeit face to face, working in fast food is still customer service or customer relations. You will also want to note your ability to do ten key. Your keystrokes may not be tops but the fact that you can do ten-key just adds to your ability to brag.

Have you ever taught Sunday school? Well maybe you should think about what you did when you were teaching. You have taught a group of people and that number of people is important. Equally important is the time you spend teaching your own children. This kind of experience could get you a tutoring job working from home.

Never discount life experience. Life experience is key when attempting to find work. Knowing what you have done creates a path for you will do in the future. Just like bad work experience can follow you, so can the good stuff. Never leave off important life experience. You may not type 75wpm but you can type so put that your cover letter. Let the employer know that you may work at home but you work well with others and you are a team player. Inform them of how excellent a communicator you are and how you convey messages well. Employers love an employee or contractor that can communicate on multiple levels.

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