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Each day I provide you with job leads, but I never tell you what to do once you have the job. Today, I am NOT giving you job leads. I am, instead, going to get you ready for an interview using the STAR technique. If you have not heard of the STAR technique, this is something you will want to read about. You do NOT want to interview without it!

When going in for an interview in a brick and mortar facility, the best way to attack this situation is to use the STAR method. This method should be used for interviewing for a work at home job as well. This is truly a topic you will want to bookmark since many people are not familiar with this technique. Most employers follow the STAR technique when interviewing so pleas take notes.

STAR is an acronym for Situation or Task, Action You Took, and Results you achieved! STAR is a technique you can use to answer those tough interview questions. If a prospective employer asks a question, these are tips for answering those questions in the most effective manner. Think of these as Cliff Notes or Barron's....okay showing my age, let's get started:

Situation or Task: In this step explain to the employer a specific situation or task you had to complete in order to accomplish a specific goal. Give DETAILS and make sure its clear enough for employers to understand.

ACTION You Took: This is the time for you to BRAG! Tell the employer what actions you took to accomplish the for mentioned goal. You want to say what YOU did and not focus too much on others who might have helped you along the way. This is the time for you to be the SUPERHERO in the story so go for it!

Results You Achieved: In this step you can tell them how you saved the day, accomplished the major task, or learned from the Situation or Task in which you took Action to achieve the maximum Results!

Practice the STAR method with questions like these:
Tell me a situation where you have dealt with an irate customer. and How did you handle that situation?
How would you describe a successful team? (Yes you are working at home, but you are still apart of a TEAM)
What are your pet peeves and how do you handle them in a professional atmosphere?
What are your strengths and weaknesses? Please provide examples and detailed accounts of how you might overcome your weakness.
Tell me about a time in which you had to reach a goal.
Tell me about a time in which you had to calm a customer or another employee.
Tell me about a time in which you had to take over a leadership role.
Tell me about a time in which you disagreed with an employer and how you dealt with this disagreement.

Now tell me about a time you were thankful that T.Rochelle was NOT doing your interview lol!!

These are all questions that might arise in an interview and its helpful to be ahead of the game. Take notes, you never know what you might be asked in an interview.

All leads will return tomorrow, today you need to prepare for your TOMORROW!

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