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As you guys all know, I (like many of you) have a blog. I am thinking of going forward with some serious marketing to get my name out. It got me to thinking about merchandising again. We touched on marketing when we discussed some good colors for marketing your website or brand. This time I want to discuss other ways to market your website or blog!

One way I was thinking of marketing my own blog was through the use of t-shirts, mousepads (send those to work with loved ones), cups, etc. This will get your name out and give your current followers a way to market for you and it won't cause you anything but some promotional items. This is a great way to get others to advertise for you for free!

If you are creative, you can have your logo placed on all kinds of promotional gear with catchy sayings. Imagine a t-shirt with a catch saying on it and in the corner of the back, your website or your logo. Its something people would not mind wearing and your information is not too intrusive so they would wear it anywhere.

Having your guests pay to view certain sections of your site is also a wonderful way to monetize your blog or website. For instance, let's say you have something that people will really want to know. Give them a preview of it and charge them to get more!

Donations are always a great way to make money on your site. If you love a site then its only natural to want to support them. People who believe in paying it forward will gladly support your cause.

Another way to market is to write a book. If people love what you have to say in your blog or website, they might want to see it in writing for those moments when they cannot get to a computer. This is a good method for a person who gives valuable information that might be great for the masses. You can self-publish through a company called Lulu. Who knows, you might be a great author and you don't even know it!

You could also get a sponsor! Imagine writing about something that you picked from a list and naturally writing about it, once you have written about it and inserted the necessary links, you get paid! Now imagine no more. These are called sponsored posts. Sponsored posts can bring in a nice amount of extra income.

I know what you are thinking, links would be useful. If that is your thought then maybe I might be able to market after all. I have just drawn you in and made you want to tune in tomorrow for more elaboration of some of these topics!

****Let me know if it worked!****

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