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All this talk about software got me to thinking. Do any of you miss the good old days of Microsoft Office 2003? I think I still have my original software but for all of you looking at 2007 and thinking. . . . WHY! I may have something to help with the conversion.

Microsoft 2007 uses a ribbon feature. This feature makes the 2007 version unattractive to some users. This is because it can be frustrating when trying to learn the new features. For users who do not have the time to learn all the new bells and whistles, there is an add-in called UBitMenu.

UBitMenu is a blast from the past. It places the Menu from the 2003 version into the 2007 version as a ribbon. You will still have all the 2007 elements but you will be able to easily navigate on familiar terrains. This Menu ribbon will be added to Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. New features from 2007 ARE accessible via the UBitMenu. This ribbon is there to make your life a little easier. When working at home, who doesn't need that? By the way, its free!

For the UBitMenu download and other tips and shortcuts for Microsoft Office 2007, click here! This is a page to bookmark for future reference.

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