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Keeping in line with all my working at home on a budget tips, I wanted to shed light on GOOGLE Documents. Have you ever wanted to create a spreadsheet, but you do not have the necessary software? Now, how much would that software cost? Many employers have found a remedy for this problem and now its time that we remedy this problem for ourselves.

Google Documents give the user the ability to create simple documents using templates. You can create a letter, spreadsheet, or even a presentation. Your options are diverse. You can share this information with others in a webinar setting or just sharing information amongst friends. This is a terrific method for employers to interface with their employees and insure that all information is being transmitted in a compatible format.

Just today, I shared an online calendar with a friend. This type of scheduling coordination can be key when working at home. You are not limited to the amount of people who can see your documents. This gives you the freedom to collaborate and brain storm with others (in real time).

There is no reason to get upset because you left a very important document on your computer at home, you can access these documents form anywhere! Others can access your work from anywhere as well. You can also publish your documents as a web page! I belong to a coupon club that uses this method and its extremely convenient for me. I can just send the link to where I am going and never have to enter my passwords in atmospheres that I do not feel are comfortable.

***Don't take my word for it. There are sites using GOOGLE Documents all the time and it makes their jobs a lot easier. Click here, to see how! Oh and its FREE! I thought I would save the best for last!

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