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Lately, I have been giving much thought to writing. I love to write but I do not like conforming to schedules. I do not like being tied down to this assignment or that assignment. I have found that a cornucopia of different assignments are good for not getting stressed over assignments.

One way to break the monotony when writing is to keep it interesting. You could participate in different kinds of writing assignments. You could write How To articles, About.com articles, or simple informative articles for sites like Demand Studios. You could counter balance your work by writing slogans and bylines for websites like Ephemera. You could also volunteer to write bylines and slogans for companies to help build your portfolio.

Try and spice up your portfolio with some greeting card writing. You can write for companies like Blue Mountain Arts, Palm Press, or Cardmakers. This will keep your writing fresh and interesting.

Also, look into blogging for sites like Blogitive. Blogging is relaxing and helps a writer vent. If you do not blog, give it a shot. It can be a stress reliever. You can use your blog as a way to vent about your day or a way to get the creative juices flowing.

Whatever your outlet, keep in mind that versatility in writing is always a great characteristic when looking for freelance work at home!

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