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Being a writer at heart, imagine my delight when I saw a ton of writing jobs available for those who want to work at home. I figured I would share my tip on submitting writing submissions.

When submitting a story for submission, its important to format properly. Following submission guidelines is one thing, but there are a few tips you should follow to make sure you are on the right path.

Cover letters are important. Its highly important to write a cover letter for your submission detailing a biographical history or a brief synopsis of the story you are submitting.

Publishers do not want the feeling that you are a machine that can only follow directions. You want to make sure your submission has life.

In the top left margin, enter your name, address, phone number, and email address as a header on each page.

In the top right margin, enter your word count. This lets the publisher know that you were conscientious of the guidelines set forth and your word count.

Use a spreadsheet to detail all of your submissions. Excel is a fantastic tool. List the name of the story, list the date submitted, and catalog the responses when you get them. Another option for those who do not have Excel, is GOOGLE spreadsheets.

I hope this helps when submitting submissions, now . . . . . . get to applying!

Work at Home Leads
Article Writer
NJ Animator
Media Planner
Celebrity Gossip Editor
Data Entry
Content Editor
Online Shopping Content Editor
Data Entry Rep/Savings
Content Manager
Video Editor
Event Coordinator
Foodie Writer
Customer Service
Apple Tech Support
News and Tips Blogger
Digital Home Tech Blogger
Personal Finance Blogger
Rwandan Freelance Writer
Young Bloggers
Fundraiser Coordinator
Sports Blogger/Photo Editor
Game Guide Writer
Blue Mountain Arts

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