Deals For My Day and More Work at Home Leads  

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Today was a good day. I was a bit bummed so I decided to beat the slow mailman and go and get my OWN grocery ads. Its a good thing since he NEVER left my ads. I really am sick of not getting my ads.

While I was out, I decided to get a few things for free that I knew I could get off the top of my head. I was at Albertsons so I decided to get the Fisher snacks, some Dial Basics, Suave deodorants, and a couple of bottles of Soft Soap. I had some expired coupons for Soft Soap and the lady was kind enough to take them even though my daughter grabbed them thinking the coupons were good. She was very kind about it. She asked if I had coupons for the SoftSoap and I told her no I had some expired ones my daughter grabbed by mistake. She took the coupons anyway and told me to enjoy my day of freebies!

Of course, this meant I had to return to the store with 5 Fisher Snacks coupons! I bought 5 more Fisher snacks (the cashier's favorite) and once she bagged them and told me how I was not going to leave any for her, I tied the bag and wrote "Thank You Amber" and told the manager to hold the bag for her with the receipt inside. She was very surprised. She was also very interested in why I had so many coupons! I guess she will have to find out the blog way lol!

Oh and before I forget, I found those Glade Sense and Sprays at Walmart (the Market) and paid $1 for each!! Total out of pocket for the day $7. 56!!

*****Work at home leads are now posted in the Schmooze as well as details on how to get some free stuff for yourself! *****

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