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I was sitting around thinking about yesterday's post and it inspired me to do more. Today is the day that I typically get ready to start listing my coupon match ups for Schmooze. A coupon match up is just a list of what is on sale in the ad and what coupons will maximize your savings. I do this every Wednesday since that is when I get my ads. Anyway, it got me to thinking how nice it is to get coupons from friends. I joined one site and a nice lady sent me some coupons and now I am the monster you see before you today. This was a random act of kindness that I will never forget.

I figured I will pay it forward and do the same thing. For an entire week, Wednesday to Wednesday, I will be sending out Welcome Packs (coupons) to random new members. This will help you get started and show how much we appreciate you not paying full price. Our first and newest member of the Schmooze is Breeronny. Her pack will go out today.

If you want to get a welcome pack, register at the Schmooze and you MAY be one of our random new guests to win a welcome pack. Good Luck and look for your name in tomorrow's blog!

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