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Today's Tip is a continuation on Writing Product Reviews. I have learned, from our segments on blogging, its easier for people who are searching for a particular topic to find it in one spot. Before you know it, we will have a small pamphlet growing. The goal is to provide enough information to help bloggers and website owners begin earning cash and products by doing product reviews.

When beginning to write the actual product reviews, you want to start by properly introducing the product. You need to provide the reader with the name, a brief description, and then a direct lead in the purpose of the product. For instance, you want to say that a voice recording digital clock is appealing because it allows you to record your voice or download popular wakeup calls online.

Detail the purpose of this product for your readers in a manner that would catch the readers attention. You want to use lots of adjectives and tons of verbs. Follow this information with the product's claim. In reference to our wonderful alarm clock, you would say that the manufacturer claims that this alarm clock will wake you better than any other alarm clock (of course you would make that statement lively).

Once you have given the readers the intention of the product. Detail your experience with this product. Not all product reviews should be positive. Readers want honest down to earth reviews. They do not want you to sugar coat nail, just so you can get more reviews. They truly want blatant honesty. If you are being paid to do this review, then it is a MUST that you reveal that you are being paid to write this review. It does not mean that you are dishonest, you are just being upfront and honest with readers. Let the readers know how well and how terrible the product worked. Let them know whether or not they lived up to their claims.

If you are slightly torn on the product, feel free to list all of your likes and dislikes in regards to the product. Readers will appreciate the details. Its important to know exactly why you did not like a product and why you loved it. We have to remember that what you love someone else may hate, therefore details are key. DO NOT be afraid to list the pros and cons.

Now it is time to get down to the real knitty gritty! You have to tell readers how to find their own product. Tell them whether or not it can be purchased online, maybe there is a free shipping offer, coupon code, coupon, or a discount you would like to share. You also want to notify them of the price you paid if you paid something or what they should expect to pay. You can also provide a nice link to the product and it does not hurt to have a link that might give you some kind of monetary compensation!

Oh yes and guess "Who's Hiring!"

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