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Cutie Booty Cakes

If any of you remember my rambling about blogging, then you know how interesting blogging can be at times. Lately, I have been going nuts over product reviews. Product reviews can be great ways to try different products without necessarily paying for them.

BuzzAgent is one company that loves it when you give their products away and buzz all about it. Although this is a great company, I wondered how to get my blog to be one of the amazing blogs I have been reading as of lately. It was time for research. I found that there are some very important steps to follow when you want to get into doing product reviews on your blog.

You will want to start by securing a domain name. This is just the url for your website. Follow that up by setting up your blog on a hosting platform like Blogger, Wordpress, etc. I went into more detail on this in prior blogging posts so I will not repeat that information.

Next you want to start doing your own reviews. Find out what you want to review (toys, appliances, books, etc.) and begin writing your own reviews about products you already own. Follow that up by visiting HOT and popular blogs to see how they do it. Its also a great idea to leave comments so that you can get your name out there. I could go for taking my own advice in this area. I find so many blogs that I just love but one of the MAJOR rules in blogging is to leave comments.

Another area where I am dropping the ball is the social networking arena. When you are a blogger, you should join several social networking sites to help promote your blog. I have joined Myspace (which I don't use or promote from like I should), Twitter (which I use religiously), and LinkedIn (who could easily be referred to as LinkedWho? since I never use it). These are just a few sites that would help you promote your blog.

Another way to promote is by joining blog directories like BlogCatalog. Its a great way to appear on other people's blogs and gain some great attention. I am guilty of not doing enough in this area as well.

One thing I am NOT guilty of is not taking this next step. I have hosted several blog giveaways but I just do not have enough visitors to give stuff away. I host a contest and no one ever enters. Its sad but this is an AMAZING way to draw traffic to your site. Everyone loves a freebie.

If you have been successful in all of these steps, then your blog rating is probably growing tremendously. Once you have a great following, you may want to develop a press kit to give to PR Reps. Don't worry if that sounds Greek, I am going to elaborate later this week.

The work does not end there, you want to contact the PR group and beg for a product to review. No you are not really begging. You will want to send them your press kit and let them know what product you want to review and find out if there are some freebies they would like for you to offer on your blog. This could be coupons, certificates, gift cards, or even an additional product for your readers.

One blog that has truly inspired me lately is Cutie Booty Cakes. This lady has truly put the "R" in product reviews. In just the past few days, I have been blown away by the things she has reviewed. There was a range, the cutiest little potty seat, an external hard drive, air filters, clothes, etc. Looking at the things this lady has been blessed to experience is inspiration for all bloggers experienced or novice. Don't take my word for it, see for yourself. She is a testament that all things are possible.

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Thanks for featuring me! I appreciate the love. If you want traction with your giveaways sign up with prizey.com and online sweepstakes. List there and you will get traffic. Also be sure to tweet about your giveaways and ask folks to pls.R/T.

Hope that helps and thanks for reading!

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