Walgreens Signs  

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Have you paid much attention to the sign outside Walgreens that tells you what is on sale? Now not quite the LED's above provided by LED's Magazine, but you get the idea. You really should watch these signs because each Thursday they advertise specials that are only on sale that Thursday through Saturday.

Two more important signs at Walgreens are the signs signaling clearance or discount. In the DFW area, orange tags represent clearance and DEEP discounts. Yellow tags or signs represent a price drop marked by percentages. These signs could read, 25%, 50%, etc.

When visiting more than one Walgreens, it is important to make notes on what you see that is on clearance. Make a note even if it is out of stock. It has come to my attention that Walgreens is not marking the clearance prices on all the clearance products. You can take these products to the register for a price check and more times than not, the clearance price will appear rather than what might be marked on the shelf.

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