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Oyster Hotel Reviews (www.oyster.com), a website internationally praised by consumer websites, magazines and newspapers for its in-depth, professional hotel reviews, seeks established freelance bloggers from a wide variety of interests -- lifestyle, parenting, dining, sports, and culture, among others -- to contribute to its forthcoming blog, Oyster Locals (locals.oyster.com).

Oyster Locals was developed to offer Oysters readers guidance on the attractions, highlights, and topics of interest in the communities outside the hotels it covers, even if Oysters main goal is professional hotel reviews. Currently, Oyster maintains extensive coverage of Hawaii, New York, Las Vegas, Miami, Aruba, Jamaica, and Dominican Republic hotels. Many more locations will be added to the site in the months ahead, including Los Angeles and San Francisco in November of this year.

Blog posts on Oyster Locals are intended to work cooperatively with the content in Oyster Hotel Reviews and should be of some interest to travelers headed to a given destination. Example blog posts could include: Eating vegan in NYC; Kayaking in Kauai; How I Survived 48 hours in South Beach with three kids; How to stay eco-friendly in the Dominican Republic. Specifically, we are looking for destination experts who can demonstrate their knowledge and insights on a broad array of subjects.

Among other things, we are looking for posts that pertain to:
*Family (including pregnancy interests)
*Environmental concerns
*Bars, clubs, music and other nightlife
*Parks and outdoor recreation
*Sports of all kinds (golf, surfing, bowling, etc.)
*Fashion and beauty
*Health and fitness
*Museums, monuments, and other attractions
*Restaurants and local cuisine
*Theatre and the performing arts
*Casino gaming
*LGBT interests
*Alternative lifestyles
*Spiritual and religious travelers
*Senior interests
*Teen and collegiate-age interests
*Traveling with dietary restrictions (kosher; vegan; people with celiac disease, diabetes, or other food allergies)
*Traveling when physically disabled (blindness, deafness, mobility challenges, etc.)
*International communities within a community

*Local expertise in Hawaii, New York City, Las Vegas, Miami, Aruba, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Orlando, DC, Phoenix, or Scottsdale
*You must currently own and manage your own blog and have an established readership

What Oyster Offers:
Oyster pays generously for all content used on Oyster Locals (regardless of a given posts readership or any other limiting criteria). We want high-quality, professional content at the same caliber as that found on the Oyster Blog and in our hotel reviews and were willing to pay for it.
Flexible work schedule
Opportunity to bolster the reputation and readership of your own blog
Opportunity for long-term staff blogger and reporter positions

If interested, please send the following to locals@oyster.com:
*Link to your blog (and specific posts written by you, as needed)
*Any pitches or ideas you may have for a relevant post to Oyster Locals

This lead is thanks to the good people at Media Bistro

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