Photos @ The Logitech Mixer  

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I had such a wonderful time at the Logitech mixer that I fear I will not be able to stop talking about. I figured I would share a few pictures I captured on my camera phone. Maria Bailey of Mom Talk Radio, was the spokesperson for the evening. She taught us how to use LogitechVid, how to get our webcams set up, and how to utilize them to enhance our blogs. . . all while maintaining that she was NOT tech savvy. Right Maria, whatever you say! I forgot to ask if she needed a witty little novice for her show. Ahh, I am sure I will see the marketing genius again! Another genius sitting right there in our midst is the amazing founder of Moms Out Loud! Oh and my and Blissfully D! We had a star studded cast.

2 Monkeys & A Washtub was busy Twittering away. I put an end to that with all my ditsy moments. Aggie, The Loca Loba, is down there hiding, but I know this is NOT the last I will see of that crazy wolf!

Carletta from Homeschool101 and Erica Jones from Organic Baby Resources listening attentively. Erica and Carletta were like hidden gems. Both their sites are so valuable to me I couldn't wait to bookmark them!

They kept us from taking our webcams and running out the door by tempting us with these delicious treats. My Southwest Wrap was so good I went home and made them for dinner. This is also the reason they are not in the photos. Yes, there were casualties.

I wish I could have gotten a close up of the baby blogger. No I am not kidding. He was a cute little dumpling. His mommy was nice enough to give him a ride. Kingdom First Mom was a pro over there learning, making calls, and Twittering away! I was so busy stalking Dian Farmer from Grocery Shop for Free, I forgot to zoom! She brought her daughter (so she says). They were both wonderful. I am running a campaign for her to tell us where the fountain of youth is hiding because this lady just cannot be a grandma!

3 P's in a Pod listening attentively! She is so talented that I wanted to ask her to design my Christmas cards. Next to her is the famous Free Sample Freak! She is living my dream. She is enjoying small town life and getting free stuff at the mall. What could be better?

A great surprise for the entire group was fashion tips from the fashionista herself, Hillary Gorman.

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