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I know this strays from my typical random babbling, but I just had to make a public announcement! Brace yourself, it pays to be FAMOUS. Yes I know, I am just as surprised as you are. Who knew being famous has its perks, go figure. I wonder if I am famous enough. I have a following, I have two people tracking my blog, and neither of them charge that much either.

While I marvel over my fabulousness (yes I made that word up myself) let me tell you what happened to Hall of Famer Michael Irvin. Michael (yeah that's what us famous folk call him) found himself face to gun when a man pulled up next to him at a red light on Marsh Lane in far North Dallas, last night. Initially, Mike (yeah we are just that cool) thought the driver wanted to ask him a question but when he let the window down, the passenger raised a gun and pointed it directly at him.

The two men realized they were about to jack THE Michael Irvin and lowered their weapon and began talking to him about his time with the Cowboys. After the brief conversation, they went on their way, no doubt to tell all their friends they almost jacked Micheal Irvin!

Now I wonder how much it cost to clean Mike's car after that incident!

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Yeah, I heard that on the news this morning. Good thing he was famous!!!

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