Diva Day Giveaway!  

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Hey guys, I told you to watch out and now its time! Yes giveaway time! If the stores can give you freebies then I figured that I could too. I think I will deem this day, DIVA DAY! Every great party deserves a wonderful theme. In leu of DIVA DAY, I want to tell you all about how to get 20% off at the Coach Factory Store! Have your printer ready because its ready to print as soon as you click the link.

Another Divalike promotion is the 50% off any 1 item offer at Woman Within. If you are a fan of clearance, like myself, then you will be happy to know that you can use the 50% off on clearance items that are already marked down to 80 percent off! Here is how to get your 50 % off off:

  • Place items in your shopping bag
  • At check-out,type WW34192 in the Promotion Code box, then click Apply.
  • The 50% discount will be applied to your highest-priced item, if eligible.
  • Continue shopping or begin checkout.
  • Restrictions: offer ends midnight EST 06/22/09
If you are not interested in anything for yourself, think ahead for Christmas gifts! Don't forget, they also sell shoes.

Now it is time for the giveaway to begin! Since its Diva Day, I was thinking it might be fun to giveaway coupons for items only a Diva would love. Loreal makeup, Revlon makeup, etc. This is not your average giveaway. You will not receive one or two coupons. Instead, you will get more like 20 or more coupons making a great addition to a coupon train or trade!

Here's how to win, place a comment in the comment box telling me what your favorite coupons are and how you maximize your savings. It doesn't have to be long. It can be that your favorite coupon is the $4 off a Gillette razor and you wait and use them at Walgreens when they go on clearance. Please leave some sort of a name so that I can announce the winner or winners on the board. At that time, I will ask that you send me your address so that your coupons can go out that day!

The reason I want to know about your favorite coupon is for future giveaways and you might even get some of your favorite coupons in your packet or in the future if new ones are about to be released. This is just my way of saying thank you for all of your support!

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You know I love coupons and my favorites are for deodorants, lotions and more that I use. I buy on sale and keep the stocked up for the future.

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