Free Butterfingers for a Year!  

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Become a “FUNtern” for BUTTERFINGER and take back your summer!

Do you feel equally at home on Facebook as you do out on the town? Do you Tweet as much as you talk? Do you shoot mini videos as fast as you can post your pics? Has the line between your offline and online life started to blur to the point you’re in two dimensions at once? If so, then you’re the perfect FUNtern for the Butterfinger FUNternship that lets you earn bucks for your bytes.

With flexible hours (approx 10-15 per week) and creative freedom (show us something cool we haven’t seen), it’s the ultimate gig for a girl or guy on the go and in the social media know. Six weeks, one thousand bucks and a year’s supply of the crunchety, peanut-buttery candy bars known as Butterfinger will fuel four FUNterns. The Butterfinger FUNternship period runs from July 20 – August 28, with paid training the week of July 13.

Must-have skills:
• A love of Butterfinger!
• Personal accountability…be true to yourself, and to your love of Butterfinger!
• Self-starter mentality…be driven and innovative, having fun while you get the job done!
• Interpersonal skills…be as social as you are online, offline!
• Great verbal, written and “on-air” skills…we want punctuation and a clever, irreverent personality!
• Experience (and active life) on popular Web sites, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, MySpace and Digg; and/or with mobile applications, such as SMS, mobile web and media, etc.
• Video editing application knowledge a major bonus!
• Legal age…and by that, we mean 18…and yeah, you gotta have proof of that and your U.S. citizenship and eligibility to work

Technology requirements:
• Personal cell phone with photo/video capabilities
• Personal laptop
• Personal camera or other equipment capable of creating videos in one of the following formats: .AVI, .MOV, and .MPG with a file size no larger than 100MB

What does “work” look like:
• Enjoy Butterfinger candy bars from a massive supply … and pass them out wherever you go all summer during your six-week FUNternship
• Engage your friends via postings and other social online activity on Facebook, MySpace, etc….get them to join the fun virtually
• Tweet and update Butterfinger Facebook throughout the day about you and your Butterfinger experiences
• Create and post original videos, photos and more about being Butterfinger’s “virtual brand ambassador” on online sites, thus serving as a representative of the brand’s marketing team
• Be cool with doing some radio, TV and print interviews, sharing your love of Butterfinger and the contest
• Report back on what you are doing to the Nestlé representative
• Up to two local trips to help get the word out about the video contest!

How much do Butterfinger FUNterns get paid for this?
• Each FUNtern will be paid $1,000.00 to compensate for 15 hours of work per week for six weeks (plus training)
• Nestlé will provide a per diem for travel (travel costs to be approved in advance and per diem is based on Nestlé’s travel policy) and cover travel costs (also approved in advance in the form of mileage, train, plane or bus ticket)
• Each FUNtern will also receive a year’s supply of Butterfinger bars
• AND, you will receive a written letter of recommendation at the conclusion of the program for use in your future endeavors (and of course, the option to include the FUNternship on your resume!)

If you are truly interested, find out how to apply @ The Schmooze! Oh and if you are hired, send me a Butterfinger, will ya!

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