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Its time for a new tradition. HOT LEAD FRIDAY! This is the day I choose a nice lead that might be hot for anyone or hot for one particular area. Either way it goes, this is a hot job lead that allows you to work at home. There are still great leads posted in the Schmooze, but the hot lead is usually a job lead that stood out to me for one reason or another. Enjoy searching through the leads on the Schmooze and all the savings and work at home news.


Expertly Answered is a web-business that only employs highly qualified experts in every conceivable field to answer questions from paying customers. We are launching our site July 2009. Expertly Answered is currently hiring Forum Administrators and Experts in every field, in every profession. If you have an area of expertise, we want to hear from you today!

Forum administrators will manage their team of Experts as well as answer questions. Experts will answer questions in their field of expertise.

When you need a professional, wouldn’t it be nice to just go to a website, type in your question, and receive a response from a professional for a small fee? Have you ever had to call several professionals only to describe your problem over and over? What if you could type it once and send it to someone who is already online and immediately available?

Expertly Answered will meet all of those needs, but with enormous advantages over other Question and Answer (Q&A) sites. Expertly Answered has incorporated all the latest technology for use by the professional to communicate with their customer.

• Want a consult with a Medical Doctor about your adult acne? Use Skype to show them.
• Just need a quick answer to a straightforward question? IM them.
• Do you want a detailed email sent to you? Email them.
• Or, perhaps you are a chef, or a woodworker who can archive videos for people to view, or articles for people to read for a small fee.

Skype, IM, Email, video archives, web articles- all on your own custom page.
As a professional on the site, you can set your own hours and set your own fees.

Hobbyists, dog lovers, American Sign Language interpreters, chefs, librarians – all at our disposal, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Licensed Professionals in every State.

No more waiting to speak to your doctor about a nagging question, no more procrastinating about that leaky shower head, or new car sound. Just visit (launching July 2009) for your answer or advice from highly qualified experts in any field: doctors, lawyers, psychologists, tutors, skiers, gymnasts, teachers, mortgage pros, insurance pros, real estate pros, chefs, child behaviorists, car repair pros, carpenters, dentists, pharmacists, foreign language and sign language interpreters… you name it, we have them!

Email: nancybrooks (at) a cover letter and resume detailing your expertise to get a page today.

***Don't forget to check back later for a nice list of clerical, customer service, data entry, and other administrative work at home websites***

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