Save More Money on Your Electric Bill  

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Its been a hectic morning around here. First, I find coupons in my front yard YEAH! Then I found that someone close to me recently had their lights turned off. That killed my happiness quickly. To make matter worse, a transformer blew and all the lights in the neighborhood went off! Then I went nuts trying to find stamps for a few letters I needed to mail. I could not find them anywhere. Then low and behold I find the stamps get them on the letters and out to the mailbox. The mailman forgot the mail and I had to chase him down to give him my letters! Talk about a roller coaster morning.

Well the lack of electricity reminded me of the Tombstone deal. What deal? Wellllll, Tombstone is offering to pay a portion of your electricity just for eating their pizza. If you follow their rules and purchase a certain number of pizzas and mail in your UPC symbol and receipt, you can get $5, $10, or even $15 off your electric bill. Now if you eat Tombstone anyway, why not.

See for yourself!

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