Things Change Daily  

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T. C. D., now what could that possibly mean to you? Could it be take care of diapers? Not this time guys. T. C. D. should be the mantra for working at home. Things Change Daily!

Things DO change daily when working at home. They also change daily when searching for work at home. The scams are getting more and more clever. The employers are changing their requirements for employment. There are also a number of name changes.

Name changes in companies do not always signal worry, but there are times when you should be cautions. For example, a very popular legitimate work at home company by the name of Fingerlakes has changed their name. Now, if you want information on this company, you have to search both Fingerlakes and their new name, Associated Order Processors. This is the only way to gain true insight into this company.

I am sure you never thought about the importance of searching the name history of a company, but it can be invaluable. Have you ever heard of a company by the name of ASP? You may or may not have heard of this company before. This company was previously ASI. It is important to do the research under BOTH names, to get a true feel for what kind of company you might enter into an agreement with.

Speaking of agreements, there are companies that hire seasonal contractors. I want to explore something that might be upsetting. . . tomorrow at Taking It Home w/T.Rochelle!

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